Week #2


TeamRecordTeam Points
Central Lake2-066
Team Chewy1-180
Glen Lake1-162
St. Francis1-156
TC WEST #20-268
TC WEST #10-244


1. Mark FilaBBAM1.91
2. Hunter SladeChewy1.29
3. Ryan CrawleyCentral Lake1.22
4. Mark OwensJoBurg1.16
T5. Stan KwapisJoBurg1.03
T5. Scott WitkopTCW #21.03
T5. Kevin KretaChewy1.03
8. Justin WojtkowiakSt. Francis1.02
9. Joe CaraccioTCW #10.91
10. Grant DurgaTCW #20.89
Total Points
1. Justin WojtkowiakSt. Francis44
2. Kevin KretaChewy37
T3. Mark OwensJoBurg36
T3. Scott WitkopTCW #236
5. Brenden BradfieldSt. Francis34
6. Stan KwapisJoBurg32
7. Grant DurgaTCW #231
8. Ryan CrawleyCentral Lake28
9. Raymond PlattsGlen Lake25
10. Josh JacklinGlen Lake24
Home Runs
1. Mark FilaBBAM4
2. Mark OwensJoBurg3
3. Several Tied at 2
T1. Justin WojtkowiakSt. Francis3
T1. Scott WitkopTCW #23
T1. Ryan CrawleyCentral Lake3
2. Several Tied at 2
1. Scott WitkopTCW #26
T2. Justin WojtkowiakSt. Francis5
T2. Brent ColeBBAM5
4. Several Tied at 4
1. Grant DurgaTCW #223
2. Brenden BradfieldSt. Francis20
3. Justin WojtkowiakSt. Francis17
T4. Josh JacklinGlen Lake16
T4. Josh ScarbroughGlen Lake16
6. Kevin KretaChewy15
7. Stan KwapisJoBurg14
8. Several Tied at 13

Week 2 MVP honors goes to Raymond Platts of team Glen Lake. Raymond hit a home run in a sudden death round between Glen Lake and BBAM after their game ended in a tie. In other action, Central Lake and JoBurg both improved to 2-0 while four others remain knotted in the standings at 1-1.